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Safety Policy Statement

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES is a certified Management System as per OHSAS 18001:2007

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES considers safety as a top priority in everyday activities. It is our policy to maintain our Safety and Loss Prevention Program, and have it be consistent with the best practices of the construction industry as well as those of our clients.

The purpose of this Safety and Loss Prevention program is to protect the life, safety and health of all personnel, as well as to eliminate the possibility of damage to property and equipment while carrying out an efficient work schedule. NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES shall ensure that only the highest standards are implemented during its work contract. Qualified and experienced Engineers/supervisors shall ensure successful achievement of the targets.

The commitment to the safety program shall be firm and persistent, and shall be the responsibility of all the management to ensure all operations are performed with the utmost regard for safety and health of all personnel on the project. All levels of supervisors shall be responsible to enforce viable safety within their respective areas of accountability.

It shall be the responsibility of every employee to support and promote the Safety and Loss Prevention Program in order to ensure a safe working environment, and believe in the following Principles:

  • Moral obligation We shall not place our employees, or people associated with the work of the company, at risk.
  • Regulations We believe that it’s a legal responsibility for us to promote and maintain secure working conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness We believe that time, effort, and money spent on preventing accidents is much less than the expense of dealing with the accidents afterwards.

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