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NETRACON TECHNOLOGIESNOLOGIES has performed outstandingly in Afghanistan. NETRACON feel proud of the fact to bring first Electric Power to the city of Kabul in 2005. During the tough day days, NETRACON rehabilitated 110 KV system for Kabul by rehabilitating totally collapsed 110 KV Links to Kabul from Saroby HPP, Naghloo HPP & Mahiper HPP besides playing most effective role to establish 220 kV Link from Uzbekistan with Kabul. This included the most difficult part of 220 kV crossing over 4000 M Altitudes of Koh Hindukush (Salaang Top), sandy Areas of Hairataan to Maazr, Hills & Gorges of Khulm, Mountaneous Jabal Siraj besiodes constructing 220 Grid Station of Pull e Khumeree & Mazar e Shareef. Various but Challenging Jobs of Afghanistan done by NETRACON are enlisted as under:

  • Construction of 220 kV Grid Stations at Syedabad (Maidan e Wardak) & Ghazany by NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES as back to back Contractor for KEC Int’l is accepted as a challenge. The Gigantic civil works for site improvement, 4 Km long Retaining walls, installation of equipment are carried out in the most adverse security conditions being an active war zone. The Grid Stations are in the phase of Testing / commissioning (Jan, 2017).
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES constructed 220 kV Grid Stations at Mazar e Shareef & Pull e Khumeri for ABB – Germany. Similarly, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES provided assistance to SIEMENS to complete 110 kV Kabul East Substation as well as designing & constructing LILO arrangements for 110 kV Botkhak Sub Station Afghanistan during 2005-7.
  • NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have fulfilled the responsibility for carrying out the jobs of Installation of ABB Equipment, Control/Protection, Station Automation System (SAS), Telecomm works involving SDH communication, Local SCADA, Tele-Protection signaling, telephony, Testing & Commissioning of 110 kV Substations at Jalalabad, Mehtarlum, Sar-e-Pull, Imam Sahib, Sher Khan Bandar by January, 2013 on behalf of KEC Int’l. While 220 kV Substation Talooqan was energized during November, 2013.
  • Installation, Testing & Energization of 110 kV Sub Stations of Sher Khan Bandar, Imam Sahib, Sar e Pull, Mehtarlam & Jalalabad. (KEC Int’l)
  • 220 kV Transmission Line from Kanduz to Talooqaan – Takhaar (KEC Int’l – NETRACON JV)
  • 220 kV Transmission Line from Kabul to Argandee to Syedabad to Ghazani (KEC Int’l)
  • 220 kV T/Line from Sher Khan Bandar- Pull e Khumeree (KEC Int’l)
  • 220 kV T/Line from Sher Khan Hairatan-Mazar-Pull e Khumeree- Kabul (Partial) – KEC Int’l
  • 110 KV T/Line from Naghlu-Taloqaan-Jalalabad (Stringing)-(KEC Int’l)
  • 110 kV T/Line from Saroby to Kabul Breshna kot (ABB- Germany)
  • 110 kV T/Line from Breshna Kot to Kabul East (Alstom- Germany)
  • 110 kV T/Line from Naghlu HPP to But e Khak to Kabul East, Tee Off to Mahi Per, Tee Off to Pull e Charkhee . (KEC Int’l)
  • Installation of OPGW on Breshna Kot-Saroby, Breshan Kot- Kabul East & Testing/ rectification of other section NE Grid (US AID- LBG/B&V)


MEW, DABS, ABB-Germany, US AID- LBG/B&V, ALSTOM-Germany, KEC Int’l.