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Grid Station / Sub Station

In the wake of new trends in the energy market, we see a rise in renewables, wind, and solar all contributing to the energy mix. Built Power transmission to Load Centers through HVDC will pose new challenges in construction, energy storage, operation and maintenance. Therefore, NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES is investing in its young and energetic engineering team, by training them in innovative technologies in various international centers to be the next generation technology experts.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES has completed more than thirty-five Grid Stations in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan ranging from 110 KV to 500 KV. Presently Netracon is completing 3 Grid Stations on EPC basis. Netracon is proud of completing 132 KV Switchyard (2×26 MVA) for Thall Power as EPC project at Layyah in record time of 4 months only.

We are devoted to using latest and sophisticated equipment for installation and testing and commissioning, such as: l 60/100 Ton Low/High Bed Trailers, 25 T Crane, 3 T Crane, Cable Drum Lifters, Hydraulic Jacks, Self-lifting Stands, Transformer Oil Treatment Plants, Oil Test Sets, Circuit Breaker Analyzer, Contact Resistance Test Set, Capacitance and Dissipation Factor (C&DF) Test Set, Winding Ohm Meter and Tap Changer Analyzer Set, 10 kV Insulation Resistance Tester, Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR), FREJA-306 and Omicron Relay Test Systems, Primary/Secondary Injection Sets, Hi Pot Sets, Magnus for CTs, Optical Fiber Splicing Machines (FUJIKURA), OTDRs (JDSU), Laser Source, and Power Meters. In addition to all the latest equipment, we have skilled and efficient technicians and engineers with rich experience and sufficient international exposure.