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Transmission Line

In 2003, we started our operations in Pakistan by rehabilitation of Transmission Lines with minimum tools, a vehicle and a welding plant. For survey, we used basic survey equipment and prepared profiles manually by using plastic plate templates and locally made gin poles made of steel pipes.Presently, we use the latest equipment and software, namely GNSS-RTK systems for surveys, PLS CADD for data processing, tower spotting and profile output, and for tower design/studies we use ‘Tower’ a well-known design software from Powerline-USA. For tower erection, we have more than two dozen Aluminum Alloy Gin Poles (Italian), Erection Winches (Italian) and numerous other gadgets unknown to our competitors in the area.

For stringing, we have two sets of Quad Bundled TSE (Italian) and two sets of TSE (Italian) for twin conductor stringing, and one TSE (Canadian) set of single conductor stringing all of which are state of art allied equipment and compressors.

We have a fleet of trucks (27), 60 Ton Low/High Bed Trailer, Excavators (12), Concrete Batching Plant, Concrete Pumps, Shovels, Tractors, Cranes (25 Ton), Engine Driven Concrete Mixers (48), and Trolleys among more equipment.

All these resources, in addition to rented resources make NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES the leading construction formation company in the power sector of Pakistan and the region.

NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES have provided its services to complete more than 2000 KM long Transmission Lines ranging from 110 KV to 500 KV in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Cameroon and Georgia. Presently Netracon is constructing one of the most difficult T/line from Golen Gol to Chakdrah across high altitude mountains of Hindu Kush through Lowari Top (3500 M) as EPC project.