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Optic Fiber Cables

Optic Fiber has brought revolution in the world of Telecommunication & Power control systems.

NETRACON TECH is actively pursuing the field operations to establish Optic Fiber Links between distant locations in Afghanistan & Pakistan by laying optic fiber cables and installing OPGW Cables.

Under NLCC Project Afghanistan (US-AID Project), NETRACON TECH replaced Shield Wires with OPGW on the existing transmission lines along with installation of the allied equipment as well as testing commissioning of all the OPGW sections already available on the North East Power System (NEPS) of Afghanistan as turnkey Job for Louis Berger / Black & Veatch JV (USA) in 2011.

NETRACON TECH have successfully installed OPGW including fabrication and installation of Peaks over the existing 220kV T/line from Nuruk to Dushanbe in Tajikistan during a period of only 60 days.

Similarly in Pakistan, we were responsible for establishing Optic Fiber Link between Chashma & Ludewala (Sargodha) along 220 kV Power line for NTDC.

Recently, NETRACON TECH have established a few optic Fiber cable links in Islamabad & around for PTCL, Pakistan NETRACON TECH believe in spreading the knowhow of the techniques of installing, splicing & OTDR testing Optic Fiber cables.

In this respect, a workshop was organized by NETRACON TECH in association with Institute of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) at Lahore from December 20, 2010 to Jan 06, 2011.

The purpose was to train the junior engineers & technicians for Afghanistan to contribute to the capacity building efforts of the Government of Afghanistan.

NETRACON TECH have provided ample opportunity to Afghan youngsters to learn Tower Erection skills. Resultantly, NETRACON is utilizing 100% Afghan workers for Foundation & Tower Erection.

NETRACON TECH is enriched with the galaxy of experienced engineers & experts, who can establish design sections in utilities and impart training to enhance the capabilities of their design engineers, Grid Station, Transmission Line Construction, instrumentation & Protection Engineers.