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NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES, since its inception in Pakistan in 2003, has considerably evolved and grown. It started off as a company of one owner cum engineer, one supervisor, one foreman and twelve employees, maximizing their potential and working in a small one room office to, now what we see as a vibrant organization, operating from ten offices around the globe.NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES comprises of a diverse and talented pool of Engineers, Civil Works and Electrical Designers, Diploma Engineers, Supervisors, Foremen, Electrician and Technicians. We encourage and create a friendly and learning work environment, which excels individuals, and allows them in having the liberty to be creative and think out of the box. We have services of 43 Engineers, 87 Diploma Holders/Supervisors, Technicians, Electricians and General staff of 877 employees all experienced in the area of Grid Stations and Transmission Lines. We have expanded operations in six countries overseas.

Next Generation Business Partnerships

In the ever changing business environment, the risk of doing business has exponentially increased. Traditionally, EPC contractors and employers play tug of war at the contracting stage and normally there are no winners in the end. Experience has shown that this state of affairs creates cost inefficiencies and resource wastage. The massive data availability and developments in the ERM tools and future businesses will tend to be based on nearly accurate risk assessments and evaluation, joint understanding and joint risk mitigationand ownership concept. At NETRACON TECHNOLOGIES the business leaders own this vision and it has become a cornerstone of our next generation business strategy.