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NETRACON Energises 220 KV Mansehra Grid Station

NETRACON Technologies Energises 2nd Power Transformer at 220 Kv Mansehra Grid Station. 220 Kv Side Is Energised on Along with 250 MVA Power Transformer (T-1) & 10/13 MVA PTR of 132 Kv Yard on April 4, 2018. 132 Kv Switchyard is completely Tested & Declared Ready for Energization on May 5, 2018. Energization of Line Bays Is Pending for Completion of 132 Kv T/Lines by other Contractors. NETRACON was responsible for all the civil works, Erection of Steel Structures, Bus bars & Installation of Equipment, Cable Work, Control & Protection Wiring, testing & commissioning on behalf of M/S CHINT of China. The quality of civil work, professional way of working, quality of Equipment installations, wiring, termination, testing & commissioning skills were lauded by the client (NTDC) & Engineer (NESPAK). NETRACON Technologies is privileged to have all the necessary resources for Construction, installation, Testing & Commissioning equipment/Tools like Concrete Batching Plant, Concrete Pumps, Excavators, Road Rollers, Trucks , Trailers, Loaders, 25 T crane, 3 T cranes, Cable Drums Self lifting Stands, Transformer Oil Treatment Plants, Oil test Set, Circuit Breaker Analyzers (Tm-166 &1720), Contact resistance Test sets, C&DF test sets, Winding Ohm Meter (MHO:300 ) & Tap Changer Analyzer Sets, 10 kV insulation Resister Testers, TTRs, FREJA-306 Relay Test system, primary/secondary injection sets, Omicron- 356Relay testing Set, Hi Pot Set, Magnus for CTs, primery injection set,Earth resistivity testing set, Optical Fiber Splicing Machines (FUJIKURA), OTDRs (JDSU) as well as skilled & efficient technicians & engineers with rich experience & sufficient international exposure. The Salient features of the project:
  • 220 KV:
    • One & Half Breaker Scheme
    • 4 x 220 kV Lines Bays (2 Dia)
    • 2 x Trafo Bays
    • 2 x auto 220kV/132 kV, 250 MVA Power Transformer
  • 132 KV:
    • Double Bus Bar system
    • 6 x Line Bays
    • 2 x Trafo Bays
    • 1 x power trafo Bay (LV side of Power Transformers)
    • 1 x PTR 10/13 MVA